Things to do

Writing about things makes them happen. I’ve always believed this to be true. In an attempt to give voice to new dreams and old, here is a renewed list of my ‘Things to do before I die’.

May it happen for me.

I want to (in no particular order):

1. Be a full-time writer.

2. Take an art class.

3. Paint / create original art . (ongoing)

4. Start a business in interiors.

5. Re-start my training workshops.

6. Learn to illustrate. (ongoing)

7. Take part in a marathon (2003. Okay, I didn’t run the whole thing – just 7k, but it was the ‘taking part’ which was the goal, not running a full marathon!)

8. Run (part of a running group 2005-2007)

9. Be published and paid for my writing. (2005-present)

10. Start a ‘Writers in Schools’ project in India.

11. Learn to dance properly. (Tango lessons, 2006. Ballroom classes 2015.)

12. Write fiction.

13. Learn to swim.

14. Cut my hair short. Real short.

15. Let my hair go grey without interference 🙂

16. Write more hand written letters. (ongoing)

17. Learn to cook.

18. Travel abroad. 

19. Live abroad.  

20. Have a portrait painted.

21. Be self-employed / run my own business.

22. Get married.

23. Have a child.

24. Adopt a child.

25. Buy my own house.

26. Go to a Michael Bolton concert.

27. Own a bookstore.

28. Work in a library. (Does being in-charge of the office library count? Didn’t think so.)

29. Run a 5k.

30. Start a charity.

31. Volunteer.

32. Learn to renovate old furniture.

33. Learn to DIY.

34. Make a scrapbook.

35. Have an exhibition of my art.

36. Grow lavender.

37. Read 50 books a year or more.

38. Photography: make it to the cover of a mag (talking about photos I’ve taken)

39. Organise a literary festival (target: Dec 2010) (Read all about it here.)

40. Start/work with a project to bring libraries within the reach of every child. (Room to Read?)

41. Work with municipal schools for reading programs, libraries, mobile books.

42. Have a garden, a green expanse to blot out the world.

43. Clean up Goa.

44. Do ‘Morning Pages’ for three months. Repeat.

45. Move to a quieter place.

5 comments on “Things to do

  1. 🙂 Need help on that trying hand at art bit?

  2. I loved reading this list and seeing which things you’ve crossed out! What’s next?

  3. […] Note: This post was partly inspired by Miss Frangipani’s ‘Things to do‘ list. […]

  4. […] Note: This post was partly inspired by Miss Frangipani’s ‘Things to do‘ list. […]

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