Everyday Love Letters

Everyday Love Letters

I’m an enthusiastic letter writer, so it comes as little surprise that when inspiration strikes, I make the most of it and send out missives like there’s no tomorrow. We’re just back from a trip and I reveled in the attention of my niece and nephew, playing silly games and pretend-Masterchef. When I got back […]


One of my many goals for my writing career in 2016 was to send out 5 completed essays. Not pitches, but completed stories that may have paid in real money. Or not. While I received commissions for over 45 journalistic stories, guess how many essays I sent out? None. For 2017, I made a similar […]

Once upon a chole bhature

I wrote this little essay for Roads and Kingdoms. When I pitched the idea, it was going to be all about the food and the flavour and crackle of the sizzling pattice on the tava. Midway through writing it, though, memories of my dad crept in, and I remembered how much food meant to him and […]


This has probably been the longest that I have gone without updating this blog. Somewhere along the line, this space lost its identity. When I began blogging over a decade ago in 2004, the medium was full of promise. It was a safe space for observations and commentary on Bombay, my city. Then it became […]

#One True Thing

Facebook is wonderful if you are following the right people. One of my favourite writers in recent months is Katrina Kenison. On Facebook, I came across a link to this post on her writing life. The poetry of her writing makes you want to read more and so it was that another morning went by, […]


  Like last year, I took time off this May too, to recuperate, rejuvenate and restore some semblance of sanity in my life. We were lucky this year to finally make a return trip to the UK, five years after we relocated from that island. It was a trip not bereft of nostalgia, but the […]

Gandhi’s London

In 2007, I went on a London Walk commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s days in the city and wrote about it. An edited version of this was published in 2007 in the Herald, Goa and in Windows & Aisles, the in-flight magazine of Paramount Airways. The Walk doesn’t seem to be offered anymore – I have queried […]


Keeping my fingers crossed that you sleep on time tonight, that the internet works in the shadowy half-light of the bedroom where the AC whispers ‘sleep, sleep’ and the light from the creepy Mother Mary lamp shines on your finally dreaming face. Keeping my fingers crossed that the words flow that new discoveries are made, […]

The quandry of finding ethical work

Over on Twitter, I recently had a discussion on the ethics of supporting events and projects backed by Goa’s mining companies. If you have been following the news in India, you might have heard of the Shah Commission and what its report on mining in Goa has said. The impact of the report has been […]

A Page at a time

The days are getting away from me. Today, M begins his week-long holiday for Ganesh Chaturti. The festival is a big deal in Goa. Even bigger than Diwali or Christma. Everything shuts down. Even restaurants. You’ll be lucky to find something open tomorrow or the day after. It is such a big deal that the […]