Birding with the kids (#LookUpAtTheSky Day)

This morning I woke well before dawn. The streets were quiet, an occasional trio of motorcyclists zooming past in tandem, having a 5 am chat. (Tourists, I said to myself.) The house felt asleep as I walked through the dark corridors, solar lamp in hand. Clean teeth, Coffee, hurried breakfast of buttered poee and cheese. […]

The Adventures of Pinocchio – 3

Pinocchio gets daring. That’s a tall ladder to climb for someone so…small.  

The Adventures of Pinocchio –2

Pinocchio hitches a ride on M’s new friend, Toni the dragon from Peru.

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Don’t try this without supervision.


My contribution for this week’s Photo Friday challenge

Sunset at Miramar

Miramar beach was awash in golden colour this evening (and a few tourists) …going… …going… …almost gone… my two boys enjoying the glorious view…

Could be Goa -2

Why can’t Goa be like this? Photo via here.