Consent before Colour – leave us alone this Holi

Growing up in cosmopolitan Bombay meant throwing yourself wholeheartedly into every festival that came your way. So as Holi approached, we stockpiled coloured powder wrapped up in newspaper from the neighbourhood store. We agonised over new designs of pichkaris and cleared space in the balcony for the buckets that would hold water balloons filled at […]

Happy Diwali

(NASA image of India on the eve of Diwali) While the country waits for Diwali to dawn, we’ve had lightning flash over the warm October sky, followed by an unexpected rain storm. Leaves were swept into our dining room, orphaned plastic bags danced like weevils across the busy road and the Narkasurs got a merry […]

Urban Longings – 2

The Lavasa Future Cities website now has an updated listing of the ‘Urban Longings’ column. See the archive here.

Urban Longings in our Times

I have been enjoying the ‘Urban Longings’ series that has been appearing in the TOI lately. UL (supported by Lavasa) aims to present the views and thinkers and opinion makers on why India needs new cities. Here are the links to the articles. TOI epaper is online for only a week after publication, so I’m […]

Bulk SMS restrictions in place

My bank informed me today that GOI has placed restrictions in place regarding the sending of bulk sms. That means no more updates when money is taken or deposited into my account (for now). We’ll have to resort to Internet or phone banking to check accounts, instead. While I’ll miss those little nuggets of information, […]

Ideas to try: The Book Forest

If you’re in Berlin, look out for a forest on the pavement. This ingenious ‘book forest’ is a receptacle for people to leave and take used books, and to indulge in one of my all-time favourite ideas – Bookcrossing The official website of the project says : It was developed and realised by BAUFACHFRAU Berlin […]

Friday’s Futile Questions #2

Is it only in India that cars have this ‘music’ while reversing? You hear everything from a beep-beep to Beethoven, to Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Happy Birthday. Every day. I don’t recall seeing this in the UK or anywhere in Europe. Our car in the UK had rear parking sensors which were meant to […]