It’s Christmas time in the city

It’s siesta time on Christmas Day. The family is sleeping away the stuffed chicken and the (awesome) Duty Free bottle of Port wine. M is playing quietly with his new toys. Actually, he is playing quietly with the box – the package is as interesting to him as the toy itself. I’m spending Christmas afternoon […]

Costumed Capers (better known as ‘School celebrations’).

As Christmas draws near, the parents in M’s pre-school begin to have worried looks on their faces. Every day, as we gather to leave and pick up our toddlers, the mothers ask each other: Any news yet? Baby Jesus is on his way, but thankfully that is not the reason for our collective unease. With […]

Merry Christmas from us!

(Pic of the three kings from our crib at home)

The Christmas Lunch

I’m pleased to report that Christmas lunch was a hit. A simple menu, lots of tasty food, and good company – that’s all you need for a succesful party. We had the ingredients in spades. Our Indo-British menu (!) was quick and easy to prepare – with a little help from the Namesake. Here’s what […]

Naughty or Nice, track Santa here

If you’re wondering where Santa has reached in his journey this year,track his progress here:

Not so charitable Christmas cards

From the UK Fundraising site comes a report that confirms what some of us already knew: The Irish Times found that in most cases it was impossible to tell from the cards what the return was to charity. Two exceptions were Marks and Spencer cards sold in Ireland, which is giving 10 per cent of […]

It’s Chrysmas time!

The twin cherry blossom trees at the entrance of the drive have shed their leaves completely. Any left on the pavement have also been blown away by the strong wind we have been seeing lately. It’s rained throughout the night and this morning we have had bouts of heavy Mumbai-monsoon-type rain alternating with thunder, drizzles, […]