Book Review: One & a half wife by Meghna Pant

Title: One and a Half Wife Author: Meghna Pant Publisher: Westland Publishers ISBN: 978-93-81626-48-1 Genre: Fiction Pages: 296 ‘One & a half wife’ is the story of Amara, a young Indian girl from Shimla who, along with her parents Biji and Baba, moves to the USA in search of the “American Dream”. The book follows […]

Review: Thinner Dinner by Shubhra Krishnan

Title: Thinner Dinner Author: Shubhra Krishnan Publisher: Westland Price: Rs. 395 Review copy: courtesy Blogadda Book Reviews Programme. After the excesses of December, Shubhra Krishnan’s Thinner Dinner was a welcome sight. The blurb sets the tone for the book “Shubhra Krishnan is not a nutritionist. She’s just ravenous!” The book is the result of her […]

Review: The Tulleho! book of cocktails

Tull-ee-ho! : A combination of the old hunting cry Tally Ho! and the colloquial Hindi drinking word “tullee”. Also Indian for cheers. For someone who doesn’t mind an occasional cocktail, but has no clue about making one herself, The Tulleho! Book of Cocktails is a god-send. From the book, I learn that a good cocktail […]

The Bell Jar

by Sylvia Plath, might be one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read.

Book Review: JS & The Times of my life – Jug Suraiya

Jug Suraiya’s memoir is a witty and charming look into his life as a journalist. Suraiya began his writing career at the JS, a new publication by The Statesman. It is a lucky coincidence that his initials and those of his first journalistic employer match. That publication (although very popular and path breaking) had a […]

Book Review: Never the hope itself – Gerry Hadden

Gerry Hadden is a former monk-in-training-turned-NPR-correspondent whose utterly riveting memoir covers life and love in Latin America and Haiti. Abandoning a chance of a lifetime to go on a long awaited meditation retreat, he heads to Mexico to live out his other dream – of being a journalist with NPR. From his base in Mexico, […]

Book Review: Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay

Russian Winter is Daphne Kalotay’s first novel and she’s a master of the craft already. I was hooked right from the beginning and I’m happy to admit that I finished the book rather quickly, as quickly as it is possible these days. This was one of those books that you read in a single sitting, […]