8 Ways to Draw an Elephant (Tara Books)

Two of my resolutions this year were to draw more and to review more children’s books on this blog. I was so pleased then, to be able to experiment with the absolutely lovely ‘8 Ways to Draw an Elephant’ by Paola Ferrarotti (@pferrarotti). This beautiful 16-page book is also called a “coloring book”, but to me […]

Short reviews: January #100bookpact

As part of the ambitious #100bookpact, I’m reading with intention. I’m reading fiction and memoir, poetry and cookbooks. I’m looking over a teetering tbr pile and smiling gleefully to myself. I’m not intimidated by the goal at all. It will be nice to reach it, but I won’t beat myself over not reaching that arbitrary […]



I’ve always been a dedicated New Year Resolution Maker. I love my ‘Word for the Year’, my list of goals and to-dos. The internet has added another whopper now, making me promise things I might not be able to do. Still, life is all about trying, so watch out for two things: The #100bookpact is […]

Raising a (Parent) Reader

I began reading early in life. My earliest memories of reading are filled with books of older children – the ones who came home to be taught by my mother. English textbooks, in particular, were worth waiting for. They had stories. And poems. New words, new worlds. I still read avidly, but motherhood put a […]

What do you feel like reading?

On the theme of reading lists, here’s an interesting flow-chart! Found via Pinterest

2015 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenges are fun to do. At least they are fun to start! This one has been doing the rounds lately and is a more fun, easier version of the traditional challenge which either focuses on a specific number of books to be read in a year or a genre. This challenge has a variety […]

Book Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson

Private India (Arrow Books, 2014) is a brand new book from prolific crime writer James Patterson and Indian author Ashwin Sanghi. This is part of a new series called Private, with place-specific editions like Private Berlin, Private LA  and Private Down Under. I’ve possibly read every book that James Patterson wrote. Right from the beginning, […]