8 Ways to Draw an Elephant (Tara Books)

Two of my resolutions this year were to draw more and to review more children’s books on this blog. I was so pleased then, to be able to experiment with the absolutely lovely ‘8 Ways to Draw an Elephant’ by Paola Ferrarotti (@pferrarotti). This beautiful 16-page book is also called a “coloring book”, but to me […]

Artist-in-disguise (24/31) #1truething

It’s more than seven years since I last painted on canvas. I miss it. Coming back to India seems to have killed that muse (although my Pinterest boards on art and ideas for painting say otherwise).

Thought for the month ahead

Thought for the month ahead


Writing – Nothing to it

You bet. By Don Moyer. Found on Tumblr

The universe conspires.

You can buy this lovely screen-printed poster at Izabella’s Etsy store (better known as Fifi du Vie). Also available on a tote bag.

With Love & Whimsy

Have a blessed, happy and merry Christmas. Image via 79 ideas on Pinterest