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Buddha Doodles 20/31 #1truething

I discovered Buddha Doodles through Facebook – another useful thing to add to your list. I look forward to Molly’s doodles every single day. They brighten up my morning, make me smile and just charm my pants off. (That’s not me in the doodle, though.) Go check it out and subscribe today!

Empty slate 19/31 #1truething

It’s thirty-eight minutes past midnight as I type this. I’ve just sent in an article – all my current deadlines have now been met. I’m a lady of leisure for the next few days. Or not. Freelance writers have no leisure time. The fact that I’m typing away at 00:40 is evidence enough. There aren’t […]

Cloud Lover 18/31 #1truething

Is there a word for people obsessed with clouds? This might be part of my fascination with airplanes too.

Tiny Beautiful Things 17/31 #1truething

At the beach I read Cheryl Strayed and caught up on my journal. Made lots of notes and observations and felt somewhat human again.

Sending love 16/31 #1truething

I just finished reading The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. The book is a gem, one of those that just linger under your skin for a while before another book takes over. One of the things the main characters do in the book is ‘send love’ to the bees that they keep. […]

Black thumb 15/31 #1truething

If there’s one thing I wish I inherited from my mother, it is her green thumb. I love gardening, but except for the hardiest crotons, my plants eventually¬†wither and look pretty unhappy.

Poem 14/31 #1truething

I meant to post yesterday but with two deadlines and everything else going on, it got lost in the madness. Oh well. This morning I sat in the almost darkness and wrote a poem.


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