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A Spiral of Knowledge : Home Review, April 2015

Inspired in part by the Roman Colosseum, a new library in Sweden by ADEPT successfully integrates the needs of the University with those of the citizens of the town.

The drug of solitude

In India, the academic year begins in June. After two months of summer, where yellow mangoes and the humidity consumed our waking hours, the kids are back in school. M is now in first grade, his first year in big-boy school. This first week has gone by pretty uneventfully. There were the expected tears on […]

The end? (31/31) #1truething

Today’s the last day of my month long experiment with #1truething. I managed to post every single day except one, where we went swimming with elephants. It’s not been easy, doing these posts, but by God, it has been so much fun. Coming up with things for each day made me more present, more aware, […]

#100sareepact (30/31) #1truething

This morning, still at my grandmother’s house in the middle of somewhere, mum and I climbed up the attic stairs, our idle curiosity leading us up. Up there, among the sacks of rice, old copper vessels, bronze rice cookers, giant spider webs and remnants of the last bathroom remodel sat four old suitcases. One had […]

Packing (29/31) #1truething

Packing for a trip reminded me of the trips we took when we lived in England. Pre-M, we packed our bags every weekend we got and saw some beautiful places. England, your weather is crap but I love you.

Moo! (28/31) #1truthing

A few decades ago, this was me. I’m grateful M has a chance to re-live my childhood and enjoy his great-grandmother and her home.

Tenants (27/31) #1truething

We’ve had peacocks on my grandmother’s farm for generations. Glad to see them still here. When we were kids, we also spotted porcupines and birds of prey. They’ve gone now.


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