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Everyday Love Letters

I’m an enthusiastic letter writer, so it comes as little surprise that when inspiration strikes, I make the most of it and send out missives like there’s no tomorrow.

We’re just back from a trip and I reveled in the attention of my niece and nephew, playing silly games and pretend-Masterchef. When I got back home from my travels, I wanted to take time to remember those special moments, so easily forgotten. Sharon White had graciously sent me her luxury note-cards and I decided to use them. Sharon is a UK-based artist who creates lovely mixed-media paintings encrusted with diamonds, pearls and other luxurious items. The designs on the cards are selected from her paintings and printed on beautiful paper with matching lined envelopes. A shiny gold sticker on the blank side carries a message which are a fun touch.

Beautiful as these cards are, I didn’t want to wait for a “special” occasion to use them. We all have stacks of ‘good’ paper and pens waiting for that perfect moment (oh wait, maybe that’s just me) but are never used. It felt right to use this beautiful stationery for my tiny relatives.


And so I did.

As I type, these little love letters are winging their way (hopefully!) to their little addressees. Could this be their first official post in their name? Wouldn’t that be something?


I’m curious to see what the reactions will be like, but I’m also eager to write some more. November is good enough to start sending out those year-end letters, all the more better to beat the rush. From experience we know that our Christmas cards sent by regular post never ever make it to their intended destination (looking at you, India Post) so sending it now might be a good idea.

Would you like a friendly note from me? Let me know in the comments. Happy writing.


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