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I’ve always been a dedicated New Year Resolution Maker. I love my ‘Word for the Year’, my list of goals and to-dos. The internet has added another whopper now, making me promise things I might not be able to do. Still, life is all about trying, so watch out for two things:


The #100bookpact is about reading 100 books in 2016. Re-reading and ebooks are permitted which makes things easier! Facebook’s Secret Santa brought me several surprises for Christmas, plus I gifted myself four beautiful books. So right now I’m reading Pico Iyer’s quiet ‘The Art of Stillness’ and Shilpa Phadke’s significant work ‘Why Loiter’, a book that has been long on my wish-list and is finally here.

The second pact I’m making is the #100letters. Inspired by Sandhya Menon’s post, I’m challenging myself to write (and post!) 100 letters this year. I’ve always been an enthusiastic letter writer and my earliest memories of summer holidays are filled with inland letters from my father (who stayed behind in Bombay to work while we cavorted with the cows at my grandmother’s home) and from a school friend, who enjoyed this exchange of news as much as I did. Pen-friending has not worked in recent years as email or other things get in the way and it feels a bit fake.

I still write letters, though, even though the postal department continues to lose my postcards and letters and one is never assured of it reaching its destination. Still, the sheer pleasure of receiving something in the post is unbeatable (and increasingly rare) so if you would like a letter from me, please let me know!


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