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It’s Christmas time in the city

It’s siesta time on Christmas Day. The family is sleeping away the stuffed chicken and the (awesome) Duty Free bottle of Port wine. M is playing quietly with his new toys. Actually, he is playing quietly with the box – the package is as interesting to him as the toy itself.

I’m spending Christmas afternoon reading up on urbanism. A quick google to check up on something else led to a whole wonderland of blogs and sites doing exactly what I want to do – study and write about the intersection between people and spaces.

I am riveted. It is not the first time I have come across urbanists, of course. But this time, for some strange reason, the wheels turned and things fell into place. Urban spaces and all their nooks and crannies intrigue me. Improving an existing space by involving the stakeholders, particularly the people who actually live there, is a source of endless fascination, thanks to all the constant parade of planners and plotters we see in Goa.

So here I am, (hair flying in my face and blinding me thanks to a  breezy table fan), bursting with ideas. It’s putting in focus what I want to do in the coming years and it is this: I want to write about cities and its people and their problems. While other work is of course welcome, this is what I really really want to do. And I want to have enough work of this kind that I can afford to say no to the mind-numbing or boring assignments that are offered to writers in India.

And now that we’re over Christmas Day (whew) and the fun of the holidays really begins, I’m so eager to get back to work. But for now, hours after I got bookmarked the blogs before my family chucked a stuffed Santa at me, Jim Reeves is crooning on the stereo system and M is enjoying his teenage cousins. Our Christmas tree lights and star lights have both blown, but what the heck, everybody’s still laughing and in a good mood so that’s all that matters.

How’s your Christmas been so far?



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