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The end? (31/31) #1truething

Today’s the last day of my month long experiment with #1truething. I managed to post every single day except one, where we went swimming with elephants.

It’s not been easy, doing these posts, but by God, it has been so much fun. Coming up with things for each day made me more present, more aware, more likely to make notes or take photos.

Two nights ago I got into the zone and wrote about 1800 good words. I think this was the result of #1truething, of having writing and story on my mind, of daily practice. It’s a minimalist version of Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, something I’ve tried on and off for years now, but never had success sticking to.

But a short blog post every day? I think that might work.

I’m in awe of Cynthia for doing this for a whole year. 365 days, imagine. I’m not quite ready to commit to a year yet, but I think I might do an occasional #1truething post and surely one more bout (at least) of a whole month before the year is over.

Has this blog got a new lease of life? Let’s wait and see! Thanks, Cynthia!


One comment on “The end? (31/31) #1truething

  1. Congratulations, Miss F!!! Way to go. I agree with you–I was just noticing this morning that I’m more present in the moment. And thanks for the shout out : )

    ps-I haven’t made it a whole year yet…

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