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Solitary coffees are the best ones #1truething 6/31

For my day to begin on a good note, my first cup of coffee has to be be a quiet one. For me, that means waking up about 20-30 minutes before the rest of the adults so I can brew the coffee and sip it in the semi-darkness while my thoughts percolate. Often, I catch up with my reading on Kindle app on my phone, which is so great because I don’t have to switch the dining room light on to read a book or newspaper. God bless technology and all those who invent it.

Lately, my six-year old wakes up almost when I do. He probably thinks I’m having a lot of fun by myself and wants in, too. Most days he is quiet company, sitting or playing quietly next to me. On other days, I can convince him to go back to bed and read for a while, if sleep has moved on. Yet other mornings, he is a bundle of energy and stories and tales are waiting to be told. I cannot bear the thought of discussing Transformers or moves of yesterday’s chess game so early in the day (because as you know, once these discussions begin…)

The days are long but the years are short. I remind myself that, gulp down my coffee and try not to get too hassled.

And then promise myself that tomorrow I’ll wake up even earlier and get those elusive five minutes of solitude to crank up my day.


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