#One True Thing

Facebook is wonderful if you are following the right people.

One of my favourite writers in recent months is Katrina Kenison. On Facebook, I came across a link to this post on her writing life. The poetry of her writing makes you want to read more and so it was that another morning went by, browsing through the archives, peeking into other writers lives.

The posts are on a blog called ‘Catching Days‘ by Cynthia Newberry Martin. If you are a writer, chances are that you’ve come across this quote by Annie Dillard “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” On the first of every month, a writer visits Cynthia’s blog to tell us exactly that – how their days are spent, summer or winter with the burden or lightness of the blank page before them. It is an inspiring series, so do visit if you are interested.

Cynthia’s blog has also inspired me in another way. Earlier this year, she began a series called ‘One True Thing‘ where she challenged herself to come up with one thing about herself each day for a year. It’s a tough thing, to have 365 true things about yourself out there for public consumption. How truthful can one be? How private can one be? I’m intrigued by the idea of these posts. Some of them are deceptively simple and straightforward, some more complex.

When I first read Cynthia’s posts, I reached for my journal and made a list for myself. Looking at it now, I see so many things about myself I had forgotten. There are things that I never felt were important enough to be recorded. And there are the downright silly or outrageous things I bet no one knows about me.

I’m not sure I have the stamina to come up with 365 unique true things about myself but I’d like to aim for a month’s-worth of home truths. Like Cynthia, I’m looking at this as a “daily practice”, a motivation to get honest words down on paper. Who knows, May might just be the beginning of this new exploration. Join me? #1truething

3 comments on “#One True Thing

  1. Chryselle, thank you! And lovely to know the posts prompted you to open your journal. Here’s to the truth about ourselves–important, unimportant, silly, and outrageous! Good luck with your practice.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia for your comment! You and your blog are such an inspiration and I’m really enjoying your posts!

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