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Lead me back to me

Writing this morning as the sky lightens, waiting quietly for words to come rather than rushing and grasping to get something down on paper, I realize that what I’m really waiting for here is a glimpse of the thread that might lead me back to me, or at least back to the person I still aspire to be: reflective, aware, moving slowly and attentively in the world rather than racing through it, all sharp elbows and jangled nerves and oblivious hustle.

– excerpt from a recent blog post by Katrina Kenison.

When I write in the mornings, I feel the same way. Night-time scribbling or chasing deadlines does not have that same sense of beauty, of…holiness. Which is why Julia Cameron recommends Morning Pages and not evening ones.

A glimpse of the person who used to be me. I need that very much.


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