A Page at a time

The days are getting away from me.

Today, M begins his week-long holiday for Ganesh Chaturti. The festival is a big deal in Goa. Even bigger than Diwali or Christma. Everything shuts down. Even restaurants. You’ll be lucky to find something open tomorrow or the day after. It is such a big deal that the restaurants that are staying open (Cafe Bhosle, Panjim) have to resort to putting advertisements in the local papers just so that hungry people know there’s a hope.

Tonight, the streets will be filled with people taking their Ganeshas home. In trucks and tempos and little painted sculptures huddled on scooters, the elephant-god makes his way into millions of homes around the country. Then, the madness begins. At least in Goa, it is chaos as the trucks with the gadzillion loudspeakers accompany Ganesha to his immersion. I would worry about the Lord’s ears – surely that kind of noise hurts?

While the festivities carry on outside, here I’m sucked into my son’s world with no room for breathing. Thanks to the internet (and a few school mommies who choose to share) I know that this extreme clinginess is not peculiar to my three-year old and hopefully, yes hopefully (please God!) this too shall pass.

And that’s the funny thing. When I have no time to write, I crave a moment to fill a page. Lately, I have craftily built in writing/reading time in the evening when M, still obsessed with Thomas & Friends, watches a few videos on YouTube. It’s better than watching TV – I have control over what he is watching and how much. While he’s entranced, I can write a page or two, make notes on ideas, read a magazine that I’m targeting or just catch up on my pending reading list, page by page. That’s all I can manage at the moment. A Page at a Time.

This Youtube time is giving me ideas on how to get away as well. Do I dare take an evening walk if someone else takes charge of clicking the next video? A solo, unencumbered walk sounds so appealing. Even more than ice-cream in May. Yes, that much.


Ganesh Chaturti image via Flickr


2 comments on “A Page at a time

  1. That makes us realize how lucky we (non-parents) are and how much time we have in our hands and still waste! 🙂

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