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Last night, as we snuggled under our duvet in a bed-time ritual that involved a story, some remembering and lots of cuddles, M suddenly asked me to “say that prayer to Mother Mary and Jesus”.

Once, in a desperate fit of seeking solace, I had said the ‘Hail Mary’ aloud to him. Just once. He remembered and while remembering the nice things that had happened that day (a trick to get him to focus on the good stuff instead of the tantrums and the scoldings. Helps me too!), the Hail Mary was requested. So we said the first verse aloud. I said a line, he repeated it after me.

Then, a moment’s silence.

Then a small voice piped out in the darkness.

“Mama, what is ‘grace’?’

Grace. How do you explain it to a three year old?


Image via Flickr.


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