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Walking through green fields in Goa

Yesterday, we took a walk through the green fields of Taleigaon to learn how rice grows. Organised by Bookworm Goa, the walk was led by Yogita Mehra of Green Essentials. Yogita first explained the fascinating process of how rice grows – from seed to polished rice. We then went to a nearby field, rolled up our trouser legs and stepped into the soggy wet earth. It’s been a long time since we walked into fields heavy with freshly planted saplings and the evening was an experiment in sensory overload.



 P1300813 P1300817 P1300845  P1300861

On the promenade, blue and yellow and white tiles lent an exotic flavour to the surroundings.

P1300853 P1300876


Goan houses are often awash with bright primary colours. Sunshine yellow, anyone?


Or perhaps a striking turquoise?



And here’s a monsoon staple – corn-on-the-cob toasted over a road-side flame, doused with spices and lime. Heaven in the rain.


Home-grown and organic veggies for sale by the roadside.  P1300914

If you’re coming to Goa, check out events organised by Bookworm. There’s always something interesting happening!


One comment on “Walking through green fields in Goa

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