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Bonny’s (under the Zuari bridge)

The Zuari bridge is one of the loveliest sights in Goa. The old yellow and white bridge spans over the river, carrying vehicles and trains on two bridges. The spectacular beauty of Goa is clearly evident as you gaze at the choppy waters, the green hills of Vasco and beyond and the ships bobbing on the waters in the distance. Goa-ah!

bonnys edited

What you don’t know, however, is that just before you get on to the bridge,a sharp detour to your left and down, down, down, takes you to a little ramshackle restaurant called Bonny’s. Today, driving back from Benaulim and looking for a place for lunch, Mr. R remembered Bonny’s. He had not eaten there in decades and was not even sure if it still existed. But cars disappearing into the undergrowth and a rickety structure peeking down below revealed that yes, perhaps we could get some lunch there.


The place was full when we got there. Ordinary plastic tables and chairs under a corrugated roof made for the ‘restaurant’. Outside, a mountain of empty beer bottles marked the beginning of the place. To the left, a shed hid the Indian-style toilet. From the dining area, the river crashed and walloped into the shore. We wished that the tables were closer to the water, but perhaps given the weather, distance was best.

bonny menu edited

The popular menu has a one-track mind : fish, fish, fish and more fish. Vegetarians, don’t bother. There ain’t any green stuff here. Most people were having fish-curry rice with a side dish of a fried fish of their choice. I’m vegetarian, making an exception for prawns and I don’t eat any other fish or meat. While the others went a bit mad over the fish, I ordered a fish-curry rice (and gave the fish to Mr. R) and fried prawns. The thali was a generous serving of boiled rice, a wati of spicy curry with a slice of fish and the large fried prawns were tasty but oily. It was a filling meal.


I have no idea how much each thali cost because there were no prices displayed. You get a total bill and you figure it out. With all the fish and beer that our table consumed, the bill came to Rs. 810/- which wasn’t bad for three people.

Recommended? For fish-lovers and people looking for a quick, authentic Goan meal.

Don’t expect luxury or ambience. Service is as prompt as they can manage, but the staff (a family) is friendly and polite.

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One comment on “Bonny’s (under the Zuari bridge)

  1. During almost all of my visits to Goa for business or personal reasons, I ended up having my lunch at Bonny’s. Whatever corner of Goa I may be in, I would travel to this place for the excellent food that they offer. Love the way they cook Mussels Rava Fry! Usual choice is fried Chonok, fish curry n rice!!!

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