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Peter and the wolf (The 3 year old version)


M is a bit obsessed with Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf lately. He’s watched parts of the Sting-Claudio Abbado version it on Youtube and heard it on cassette (yes, we still play cassettes).

It is a great way to introduce kids to the instruments of the orchestra and M is able to identify the instruments for each character and also the themes with ease. He loves to imitate the timpani (representing the hunters) which is the loudest sound, on our poor keyboard. So Mr. R plays the theme of the wolf (which M can hum beautifully) and M bangs away pretending to “be the timpani”. Oh how he loves this new word.

Bed time story requests are only ‘Peter and the Wolf’. And M has a twist to the tale.

At the end of the story, Peter catches the wolf and they take him to the zoo in a little procession. Then, continues M:

The wolf’s fairy godmother flies in and brings a cake. It’s his birthday! Everybody sings Happy Birthday and have a slice of cake. The wolf is happy.

Ah the innocence of a three-year old.

(We’ve been reading Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Princess and the Wizard’ which has fairy godmothers, birthdays and cakes, so maybe that’s where this comes from.)


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