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Right here, Right now

Another July is here, another month of thirty-one days. Mr. R is out of town on a brief holiday, but he is ill. A high fever, cold, general weariness. Not a good way to be when you’d rather be sightseeing and eating out all day.

Here, M is ill, as is his granny. The sniffles are upon us and it results in one cranky youngster (the granny isn’t cranky, no).

Outside, the rain has paused for a brief interlude; our new the monsoon blinds have calmed down their smacking dance. My study window is bolted shut against the noise of a drill from the neighbours house. They work all week, even on days when the rest of us give up and shut down the internet. On my table are books to be reviewed, notes on a book with no lines (I’m loving the freedom of writing on plain paper) and my new retro eyeglasses that are more than a sight-saver – they cover the bags under my eyes from three years of little sleep and some tears.

On our verandah ledge, plants are blossoming despite the battering of the rain. The shoots I brought back from my grandmother’s house have taken root. They will live.

It’s all good. On my little noticeboard is an envelope with four cheques waiting for bank opening hours. Thank you dear-editors-who-pay-promptly.

Right now I’m working on a proposal to raise money for a local group that I’ve pledged my grant-writing/fundraising expertise to. Exciting things are afoot (as soon as I get my proposals done)!

What’s happening in your life right this moment?

(Inspired by the latest WOWH newsletter. Thanks, Fiona!)

Image via flickr. Doesn’t that web look like an exquisite necklace?


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