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On Monday, M went back to school. Even though he’s away for just an hour this week (two hours next week, three hours the next – oh the slow process of acclimatisation!), I’m officially back to work. I had three deadlines due this week and amazingly, I met all of them.

It’s interesting, this being able to work under pressure. I’ve been thinking about this : what is so different about this week that I’m able to research, interview and write? After all, M is away for barely 45 minutes, if you count the dropping and the picking-up routine. The rest of the day hasn’t changed. He’s still around, still craving a playmate. Yet, I’m accepting assignments, working around the toys, staying up until 3 am.

Why can’t I do this when he’s on vacation?

This April-May I took time off because I was just so tired by evening that I couldn’t cope with the hassle of deadlines. Instead, I shut down the computer for most of the time, played with M, read a lot and just loafed about.

It was lovely.

Even though I’m missing that sense of freedom a little, this little adventure just goes to prove that if I want to (have to) write, I can. Having M around is a distraction to my writing, sure, but it isn’t stopping me.

The time off also proves that taking a break is refreshing and invigorating. You come back with a ton of ideas, productive lists and raring to go.

Can’t wait for my next holiday (Diwali? Ganesh Chaturti?) but in the meantime, pitches are flying out fast and furious and assignments are coming in slowly and steadily.

As is the rain. And the hugs. And the cheques.


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