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Living with less

One recent evening, I used a smaller, more delicate coffee cup for my evening cuppa. My usual bone-china cup was having its special Sunday treat : air-drying in the kitchen without our chef to put things away promptly. It was quicker, then, to just pick a new one out of the cupboard and make the coffee.

There was something special about that cup. The coffee tasted better, almost perfect. Maybe it was a stronger blend reflexively created in a smaller container or perhaps it was that twist of the cup lip, that outward curve which made it taste different.

Whatever it was, I enjoyed my coffee that day and I have begun using that little cup in the afternoon now.

I’m still having two cups of coffee every afternoon. But guess what? Because it is a smaller cup, I’m consuming half the coffee I would have usually.

And I can’t tell the difference.

Isn’t that interesting that even after years of imbibing a certain quantity of something, giving up a lot of it doesn’t make the heart wince (or the stomach grumble)? This is the idea behind using smaller plates to control meal portions, of course, and you can apply it to so many areas of your life. I’m just surprised at how easy it was. And it makes me wonder what else I can cut out of my life a little bit at a time.

Have you downsized and found it to be a pleasant, almost refreshing exercise?

Image via Flickr | Jonathan Cohen


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