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30 challenges in 30 days

In the course of bloghopping, I chanced upon this post today on the ‘Marc and Angel Hack Life’ blog. 30 challenges for 30 days are an excellent way to get going at any time. We’re almost at the end of January (already?!), so I’m going to pick just a few challenges to do in the next 30 days.

  • Get rid of one thing a day for the next 30 days. Choose one needless item each and every day and get rid of it. This one should be easy. Even more so because the annual Bookworm Jumble Sale is coming up on 26 February and they could sure use some of my lovely, unused things.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier each day. By the time I have wrapped up my computer at night, it is usually nearing 1 am. I wake at 7. That’s enough sleep, isn’t it? I’m not a morning person, I’m really not. I’d rather sleep in ten minutes more and stay up until three instead. The trouble is that M tends to stir soon after I have woken up – it’s some crazy toddler sensor that he has on, no matter how quiet I try to be around the house. I have no assurance that he will sleep through even if I wake earlier. If I did try it though, I’d love to catch up with my reading in the early morning quiet, or do Morning Pages. Maybe I’ll try it to see what happens.
  • Ditch 3 bad habits for 30 days: So. For the next 30 days, I’m going to stop eating fast food. I’m going to file all pending papers. I’m going to get ready for tomorrow morning tonight.
  • Document everyday with one photograph and one paragraph: Documenting the standout experiences of the day. And yes, every day, no matter how ordinary, has them.

So that’s my ambitious list. How much will I get done? Come back in 30 days and find out!

Read the full list here and choose your own goals (or do all of them!)


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