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My 1000th post!

I’ve been blogging since 2004 and this is my 1000th post (on this blog). I look back on these years of posts and see how my topics and indeed, my life, has changed in this time. I was a lot more vocal about certain things back then and to some extent, I still feel strongly about those topics, but I’m no longer shrill about it. I think being home-bound a lot of the time has much to do with it. When you’re stuck in a Churchgate-local with perspiring women glued to you, you view the world a lot differently than from the comfort of a verandah overlooking the Mandovi (even though this is often noisier than that train).

My anger is toned down. I have, sadly, mellowed.

I don’t like being mellow.


My word for 2011 was ‘RISK’. I’ve taken quite a few of those with my writing, this year. I pitched publications way out of my comfort zone and got published in some. I made more money this year than the last (through my writing).  I look at other writers, at how well they are doing, and  I’m grateful to be in a place (emotionally) that makes me rejoice at their success, knowing that those bylines could be mine – they are just a good pitch away.

As far as blogging goes, it would be good to have a niche, to focus on a topic and be one of those ‘experts’. I don’t have that topic on hand, unfortunately. So this will continue to be a place for books, writing, civic issues (and hopefully reports of positive action) and a little parenting.

Here’s to blogging! It’s been a good ride.


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