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Just Do It – It’s NaNoWriMo time

I am a failed novelist.

I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo three times but I’ve given up by Day 9. Writing fiction bores me; my characters are boring, my plots mundane. I might attempt it some day again, but not in the foreseeable future.

November, though, is a month of writing challenges. No matter how busy my life is otherwise, I like to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I find that challenging myself to do this gets me thinking about writing and blogging topics a lot more. I have always completed NaBloPoMo and I enjoy it, even with all the distractions around. (As I type this post, M comes to me, Karadi Tales in hand, and says, “Read.” That’s an order hard to resist, especially when he’s agreed to be entertained by his granny while I work on a deadline. I put him on my lap, and read the story of the cheating Jagged Jaws and Red Face, the clever monkey. At the end, he puts his book on my desk, points to the computer and says, “My turn, My turn.” He ‘types’ eight pages of semi-colons, commas and MMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNs and is delighted with how the semi-colons appear to be marching down the page. He goes away then, distracted by something else.

And I return to my chair to catch another five minutes of stolen writing time before dinner needs to be taken out.)

Writing is not easy under most circumstances. But just the act of having a plan, a purpose, a road-map gets you going. Deadlines, of course, are the best kick-up-the-butt for me. NaBloPoMo works the same way.

My only question to myself: If I can do it every November, what happens the rest of the year?


One comment on “Just Do It – It’s NaNoWriMo time

  1. Well if it was me, I would end up spending the other 11 months doing edits and rewrites because there would be a ton of it to do! Nano is too big for me, and I applaud those giving it a go, whether they finish or not!

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