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Happy Diwali

(NASA image of India on the eve of Diwali)

While the country waits for Diwali to dawn, we’ve had lightning flash over the warm October sky, followed by an unexpected rain storm. Leaves were swept into our dining room, orphaned plastic bags danced like weevils across the busy road and the Narkasurs got a merry soaking. The rain, unfortunately, did not last long enough to drown out the giant loudspeakers which accompany the Narkasurs. If there is evil around today, it is not these effigies of demons – old and new. Subjecting people to decibel levels that are not meant for the human ear is a bigger evil and one that we will have a tough time eradicating.

If Lord Ram were here today, he’d be wearing ear-plugs.


The image above is beautiful to look at. The country glitters like a forgotten diamond mine (which in a way it is – we have millions who are like rough and uncut diamonds, just waiting to be discovered and polished). The ‘aah’ factor, apart, think of the light pollution. The universe needs glares!

It’s still better than giant loudspeakers, though.

Happy Diwali, everybody. Have a peaceful, bright one. And leave those Laxmi Bombs on the shelves.


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