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Not quite Fall

As sunny October jumps in with all earnestness, our raincoats are given a fond farewell until next June.Elsewhere on the planet, leaves are falling with much abandon, littering pavements and gardens with a cornucopia of red, gold and yellow. I miss the coolness of fall. The bitter, finger-numbing cold of November has not yet set it. In England, the rain complicates matters a bit, making piles of leaves soggy and mushy under the feet.

Here, the frangipani and umbra (sp?) tree have both shed their leaves. Brown leaves line the gutters and the garden, crackling under reckless rickshaws speeding into the city. Is it fall for these trees too?

On our verandah, a shower of periwinkles sprinkles the wooden floor. The end of the monsoon means more regular watering for our already parched pots. The Portulacas spring from pot to pot; I’m hoping for a bright pink garden in full bloom by November.

What about you?


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