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‘You Love Me’- What they say and what they mean

You know when you talk to a child and refer to him as ‘You’?

He thinks ‘You’ means him. Which it does, but not in the way you meant. Confused? Now imagine how muddled the child must be when you change from you to your to him to his and at the end of this, you expect him to address himself as me or I.


Right from the beginning, M had it muddled up.

Mama – Do you want to go to the potty?

M – Nods head and says, “You want to go to the potty’ 

Mama – Would you like some porridge?

M – You  eat porridge

Mama – I am going to the kitchen.

M – I not go to the kitchen. I go to the verandah. (He means ‘You’ here.)

Mama – Time for your bath.

M – I go for a bath. (Clever fellow – he means “You go for a bath.”)

Early in July, M turned to me, gave me a hug and said,“You love me”. There was no mistaking that sentiment. You love me and I love you. Same difference.

And yesterday, when I went to pick M from pre-school, he saw me through the throng of parents and teachers and said, “I’m here! I’m here!”

Did he mean that he was there – drawing attention to his tiny self in that crowd? Or was he rejoicing that ‘I’ was here to pick him up?

For us at home, this wonderful mix-up is not only endearing , but makes perfect sense. His teacher found it amusing at first and she’s getting the hang of it as well. Sooner or later, he’ll change into the universally accepted way of speaking. For now, while he’s inching toward the 3 year mark, I’m going to enjoy this madness. It’s a shame he’ll outgrow it soon.

You love me. Now there’s a thought.


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