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Night Owl

1240 am.

My fingers are on fire as they fly over the keyboard. In 30 minutes, I’ve accomplished what I’ve been struggling to do the whole day. The silence helps. Lovely sentences jump into my head uninvited. I’m trying to catch up, blinking away sleep.

Sleep can wait. 


I thought that my productivity would improve once M was in pre-school. I have 2+ hours of baby-free time in the morning that could be used for writing. That’s easier said than done, of course.

I find writing in the day time hard to do. There’s just too much going on. People all around you, errands to be run, doorbell ringing, the maid interrupting you with trivial issues, the coffee pot beckoning you with leftovers still warm from the hasty breakfast…I do get some writing done during this time, but it is just not enough. Siesta time (for the rest of the household) and this blessed late-night silence is when I feel like I am working. Even Google Reader doesn’t entice me right now.

What about you? What’s your favourite time to write/read/catch-up?


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