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In print: Articles in Home Review magazine

home review july 2011

I’ve been writing a series of articles for Home Review magazine. They are a leading design magazine in India and tend to have a focus on modern, contemporary spaces.

Here are some of the spaces I’ve written about lately. (Note: Images are not from my articles, but sourced from the web. To read my article, you need a copy of the magazine or archives from the publication’s website.)

Cheryl Tiegs’ tropical LA Home (Home Review, April 2011). See more images here.

Cheryl Tiegs Home                  (Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design)

A Lake house in Kamshet by Opolis Architects (Jome Review, June 2011). More images here.

Kid Rock’s surprising home (June 2011). More images here

 The living room, where antique sitars hang with photos of rock royalty.

The Yellow Brick House (Home Review, July 2011). More images here.

 A Full Restoration of the Old Yellow Brick Lodge into A Contemporary Glass Family Home 

Twenty Five Lusk (Home Review, July 2011). More images here.


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