What’s on your Nightstand – July 2011

July has been a good month for reading. Lately, it seems to be that way only when I get books to review and therefore feel the urgency/compulsion to find the time to read. 

This month I finished Daphne Kalotay’s amazing debut novel ‘Russian Winter’, ‘Everything good began after’ by Simon Van Booy and ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks. I highly recommend the first two books. They were my midnight /when-the-baby-sleeps reads. You can read the reviews here and here. With Nicholas Sparks I always feel like I have read the book before because of the predictable storylines and characters. The book is a quick, fun read though.

I tried reading Ian McEwan’s Saturday as part of the Booktalk Bookclub read for June, but gave up half-way. I found it a little difficult to stay with the book. The intricate details of surgery, the long winding (yet very eloquent) paragraphs, the use of the present tense made me want to fast forward to the next chapter but I never got around to doing it. Maybe it is one of those books that you read at a certain point in your life and wonder how you could not love it. I’m not at that point yet unfortunately. Any McEwan fans out here?

I also tried reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘By the river Piedra’ but abandoned it put it away for later because ‘Russian Winter’ took over every waking minute once I began reading it.

(McEwan and Coelho might go into the Bookcrossing pile. I have begun India’s first official bookcrossing zone (OBCZ) here in Goa and need to stock up. If you have any books you’d like to donate towards our shelf, let me know. Thanks!)

I’m sneaking in a re-read of Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro, one of my favourite pick-me-ups. I’ve read this many times before and I find myself going back to it whenever I feel a little low or need cheering up. It’s a fun book and I always feel better after a chapter or two!

In what’s remaining of July/August, I would like to finish ‘The Most Beautiful Walk in the World’ by John Baxter (really looking forward to this one). It’s a book about pedestrians in Paris. Just thinking about walking there makes me want to pack my bags right away.

Then there’s Ron McLarty’s ‘The Memory of Running’ which sounds like a good book and Mark Tully’s ‘The Heart of India’ which has been on my TBR list for ages and I really want to read him properly.

If I’m lucky, there’ll be a few more additions to the list by the end of August. What’s on your nightstand?

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6 comments on “What’s on your Nightstand – July 2011

  1. What a lot of interesting-sounding books! The Most Beautiful Walk in the World sounds fascinating, and like you, I really enjoy going back to re-visit a favorite every now and then. It’s like coming home 🙂
    Not sure I’d enjoy the one with the descriptions of surgery, either … !

    Thanks for sharing some good book ideas!

  2. I loved Russian Winter as well.

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. Both of the books you linked to sound intriguing – I appreciate the in-depth reviews! I know what you mean about Nicholas Sparks; I have Safe Haven sitting next to my nightstand right now. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed Everything Beautiful Began After, and was also confused at times. I’m glad I persevered through, though, because it was quite original.

    Happy reading,
    Dawn, 5M4B

  5. Russian Winter sounds really good. Happy August reading!

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