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Violins in the stream

At some point this evening, the rain came crashing down on our battered tiles. Within seconds the verandah was soaked. We risked our lives (it seemed that way) and our carefully-coiffed hair to rescue M’s shiny-new tricycle along with the Rajasthani horse and three mini-dogs who were hitching a ride in the little cycle basket.

Our Dutch doors were then sealed shut. We tried leaving them a little open but our tea cups began flying off in the wind. Corn-on-the-cob, new (old) books (from a sale at the YMCA today), a friend, and Wimbledon on telly – the stuff of a lovely monsoon evening.

As the evening turned into night and the volleys were coming hard and fast on centre court, M came to me, looked up expectantly and said, “Violins in the stream”.

What’s that, I asked.

Violins in the stream, he said again. Sing that song.

It took me only a split second (I’m sharp that way) to realise he meant this song. I can’t help marvelling at the human mind and what it takes for us to remember and retain things. I am continually fascinated by the science of memory and this was just another example of how even a 28-month old toddler strings together words in his little head and comes up with something perfectly understandable and fairly accurate. I remember singing this to him several months ago and hadn’t really repeated it recently. (We’ve moved on to ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’ and ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’. Dolly Parton would approve.)

Once I cottoned on, I said to M, ‘Do you mean ‘Islands in the stream’?

Nnnoooo, he replied, emphasising the word to make sure I got it into my thick head. It’s ‘Violins  in the stream’.

So there you have it. A classic reinvented. You learn something new every day with a child around. And as long  as it is not Mr.R’s precious violins floating down the stream, it’s just fine.


One comment on “Violins in the stream

  1. I was wondering where you’d disappeared ! nice to see you again.

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