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If you want something done…

You know what they say about giving work to a busy person. I’ve had three articles commissioned this afternoon alone. That makes it seven due by the end of the month. Add to it my very busy personal life (roof tiles being replaced before the monsoons – a mammoth job,if there ever was one (and no, I’m not the one doing it) – workers all over the place, a toddler who wants me to spend more time with him) plus Mr. R away in Delhi for the second concert of the newly-formed India Youth Orchestra. Did I mention I’m also a student of the fantastic Motherwords Class, now in Week 9? 

So what I am doing blogging instead of writing away? Consider this a time-out,  a quick moment to exhale while I slurp somewhat hot coffee, ignore the workers dangling precariously on our ancient roof and look at my overflowing calendar with a mixture of dismay, amusement and happiness. I’ve got writing work to do. Life is good. 


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