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Collector’s Day

Today is International Museum Day and the Museum of Christian Art (MOCA) in Old Goa has been marking the occasion with a week-long calendar of events. MOCA is one of Goa’s best maintained museums,set in the Santa Monica convent premises and you must visit if you come to Goa.

Sunday, May 15 was Collector’s Day. MOCA had arranged a eclectic display of collections sourced from the public. Here’s what was on display:



Pencils, spoons and frogs




coins and notes


transfer ware


miniature bottles, perfume bottles,


and matchboxes galore.P1210399

The collectors pose for the camera.    P1210412

The evening ended with some music, as benevolent angels looked on.



What do you collect?

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MOCA blogs here.


One comment on “Collector’s Day

  1. Wonder how I’ve missed MOCA all these years of being a Goenkar? Did they begin after I left in the late 90’s perhaps. Must visit this time.

    Is that you singing? She looks so joyous and spirited in that last picture.

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