Sunday morning

We’re having a May shower. The tarmac is speckled with dots of dust-free earth and the gentle breeze spreads the cool air around. M is whizzing around the veranda in his red and black car, a stuffed jersey cow in black-and-white striped pants, holding a guitar (the cow, not M) perched precariously behind him, going along for the ride.

This is turning out to be a very lazy Sunday. Last night, had a nice meal out at Ernesto’s along with friends. This was my first time at Ernesto’s after they moved out here to Mala and I must say, it was really nice. The food was beautifully cooked, the staff were helpful and friendly, the ambience laid-back and we topped it off with a long chat with Ernesto about babies and parenting. In the sky, an almost-full moon slipped in and out of luminous clouds. While the candle on our table flickered in the warm May night, diyas were being lit on the street outside as Hindu families gathered on their doorsteps to pay their respects to a palkhi carrying  Vithobha, barefoot dancers in nine-yard saris leading the procession.



The food was as eclectic as the little gathering around the table. We had beautiful tempura prawns fried to perfection, chorizo (which M gulped down much to our amazement) with bread, pasta for my main course (with prawns and in a white sauce) and the rest of the crowd had steaks, and seafood. A pitcher of Sangria and serradura for desert completed the line-up. What a treat.



2 comments on “Sunday morning

  1. Ooooh! What a lovely description of the evening and the food. Must remember to head there when I come down end of this month. All I usually manage is a few hurried trips to Martin’s corner in south Goa(being closer to my hometown margao).

  2. Ernesto’s is well worth a visit, Deepa. I’m sure you’ll love the place and the food. Let us know if you do visit, and what you think of it!

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