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Book Review: I love my mummy – Giles Andrea

I love my mummy – Giles Andrea. Illustrated by Emma Dodd. Orchard Books

I Love My Mummy

In the last two years, I’ve discovered some really interesting and fun children’s books. M loves to ‘read’ and it seems to me that he has an unusually fine memory for words and stories. I don’t have too many two-year olds to compare this with, of course, but how many toddlers do you know who can recite entire books meant for first-graders?

We were delighted to chance upon ‘I love my mummy’ on a recent trip to Bombay where, within a couple of readings, M was able to complete the sentences by himself with much enthusiasm. This is a charming book.  Beautifully illustrated and with simple sentences that any child can relate to (I love my mummy very much she’s great to cuddle and soft to touch), the book is a delight to read (and very flattering to a mum, as well). The child in the book has a toy penguin that shows up in every page and M has a lot of fun looking for it.

M enjoyed it so much that we brought this one back with us , giving M’s cousin another one to keep and hopefully, she won’t miss this one.

I’d happily give this book as a gift and I look forward to reading more of the Andrea’s and Dodd’s work.

(Book source: my own copy)


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