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About time – Goa Arts and Literary Festival

Goa Arts and Literary Festival

Following on the heels of our own little literary festival, the first Goa Arts and Literary festival is set to happen from 12-14 December at the International Centre, Dona Paula.

I’m excited that this is happening. It’s about time that Goa had more literary events and on a larger scale. Given the number of writers and creative people around, one wonders why it took so long. There are plenty of book-launches and readings, of course, but not many events specifically dedicated to the arts and literature that are organised over a period of days.

That is what also prompted us to organise our own festival and I’m happy to see two of our speakers repeat their presentations at this new event (Lee Siegel and Manohar Shetty). The beautiful and gracious Sonia Shirsat always draws a crowd at Casa da Moeda and her concert is likely to be a sell-out there as well.

Leonard Fernandes of CinnamonTeal, one of our supporters, will also be speaking at the event. Of course, we have been grateful for the support of FN and Goa 1556 and I’m happy to see them there, too.

The programme is interesting and should be worth your while, if you are in Goa next week.

More details here:  The Official Website


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