A life in pictures


What an amazing project. On June 17th every year, the family of Diego Goldberg (in Buenos Aires, Argentina) goes through a private ritual. In his words, “we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by”.

Isn’t this an incredible record of a family’s life? Wish I had seen this earlier – I’d love to do something similar for ourselves. Maybe it isn’t too late to start one. What about you? Are you inspired?

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4 comments on “A life in pictures

  1. […] Remember that portrait-tree I posted about some time ago? How about something like this as an alternate idea? If you don’t want to record your bad hairstyles, granny-sweaters or double chins, photograph your family’s hands instead. Putting the palm face-forward will eliminate the tell-tale wrinkles on the other side! […]

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