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Literary Gluttony: How to read more books in a year

It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve managed to complete reading only TEN books this year. Yet, that’s what the list says and it is quite shocking,really. My four currently-being-read books don’t go into the list, obviously. Even counting those, the number is shocking.

So, what did I do the rest of the year?

I discovered Google Reader, for one. I thought I’d be overwhelmed with all the blogs I was adding, but it is actually so much easier to stay on top of what is happening now. At a glance, I can skim the news, decide in a split-second if a post is worth spending a minute or more on or if I’m absolutely worn out with reading the ‘Mark All as Read’ button is a boon. I’m reading so much more online now and I’m actually enjoying most of it.

All this reading eats up into the non-internet free time (what’s that?!) that I have. Perhaps that explains the ten books.

Next year, it will be different. Will I make my goal of 50 books / year? Ambitious? Sure.

I read this post on Life Hacker that gave me some ideas on how to read more in the time that I have. Starting a morning ritual seems like a very good idea. I MISS, oh how I MISS reading while having a quiet cup of coffee in the morning. Waking up two hours earlier might just be the key, although that might mean the end of my sleeping time…

What about you? How do you find time to read?


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