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IFFI in a jiffy 2010



It’s that time of the year again. As the annual IFFI brouhaha comes to town, the CCP floats tenders, sends out trucks, employs more hapless occasional workers and beings to clean up its act. In a yearly attempt at whitewashing (in every sense of the word), workers stick to the main thoroughfare only, cleaning and painting the new Patto bridge, refreshing the black and white road dividers and sending CCP trucks in the middle of peak-hour traffic to pick up dust collected overnight. Roads are dug up and frantically paved, garden posts and public buildings spruced up with a hasty bucket of paint.

Looking at all the activity, you’d think that the promenade and the main road is the dirtiest road in the state.

Does the CCP think that the delegates and all the visitors to the state do not notice the filth and garbage that has piled up every where else?

The lady worker who sweeps the promenade and the road divider diligently every day tips her frayed bamboo basket on to the side of the road, behind a culvert where rain water washes the trash downstream, on to some other CCP worker’s ‘territory’. Of course, that CCP worker doesn’t worry about such things at all, neither does his supervisor.

Does a lick of paint and a truckload of water make up for months of neglect? If they had to do this on a regular basis, perhaps the last minute rush to clean up wouldn’t have to happen. But last minute is how things work in Goa.

The area around the Post Office is slowly turning into one large dustbin. Tourists, local chaukars, gutka-chomping drivers waiting for their parcel-laden owners, stray dogs, post-office employees – everybody uses this heritage precinct as their own personal litter-box. What does that say about the CCP and IFFI? Jai Ho, I say. And think up schemes to send the trash back to its owners.

(Photos from IFFI 2009. Nothing has changed this year.)


One comment on “IFFI in a jiffy 2010

  1. So for some reason I didn’t know about this blog of yours (maybe I did?– I seem to remember reading about your attempts at guerrilla gardening)….but so far I’m loving this.

    LOL the whitewashing thing—if it’s any consolation it’s a national thing– not limited to goa.


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