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Cholta Cholta @ Casa da Moeda Festival


This Sunday 21st November (10.00- 12.00 noon) join us for walk with Cholta Cholta on a heritage, nature and architectural trail,

Assemble at 9.45 am at The Mint House  ( Casa da Moeda) opposite G.P.O Panaji.

Walk with Pritha Sardessai ( an architect and social researcher) and Sujata Noronha ( educator) and learn about why the square is called the Tobacco Square, what barter trade left and came in to Goa from this docking place and who was punished as a reminder to not revolt and how.

Learn about the Mint House and listen to the story of how faces changed on coins to match the rulers and their fights for power. 

Walk around the block to discover the amazing architectural style of supporting buildings with pillars of different types.

Search and find mosaic flooring that is over 150 years old, cast iron grills and brackets that hide stars and lotus growing on pillars. 

Observe an ancient bridge that linked the island to the old capital of Goa and learn about our river sentinels who protect the land.

End at the St. Tome chapel that marks the entry to a series of quaint streets and merchant, print and rest houses.

Walk includes stories, a guided tour, map and information through a participatory exercise and a fun recap worksheet.

Fee: Rs. 100/- Ages 8 and up.

Children less than 7 years to be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adult: Rs. 50 /-

Call Bookworm at 9823222665 or 2420146 to register.

For more information, visit the Casa da Moeda website.


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