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Hate your job? Read on.

Have you heard the joke about the difference between the pessimist and the optimist? The optimist says “Good morning, Lord!” and the pessimist says “Good Lord! Morning ?!!”

I’m not a pessimist, but there were days, many days indeed, when I have opened my eyes in the morning with dread at the thought of waking up and going to work. Even if the sun was shining and the sparrows were chirping, I often had to coax myself out of bed to face the seemingly long day ahead at work. Sounds familiar??

I once read somewhere that one of the tenets of guaranteeing a satisfactory and
productive work life is to find and do something that you love. Given the state of the economy,  it seems sensible (for most of us) to stick with what we have rather than go on a chase of that elusive something that will give us money and happiness at the same time.

Most of us work at our 9-5 jobs, hating the same drudgery every day. We silently grumble, whine about our fate, wonder why we can’t have jobs we love, about why our work can’t be more meaningful. We often spend the most important part of our day and perhaps, the most productive part of our lives doing something that we DON’T enjoy!

Think about it. What a waste of precious time, all those years spent in misery and self pity. So is there a way out? 

I had an eureka moment some years ago when I happened to read the book ‘Don’t say yes when you want to say no’. There was a passage in the book, which lit that proverbial light-bulb over my head, changed the way I perceived my job, my work and the way my life was going, and I’d like to share it with you.

“…The job is simply a place where you earn your living. You put up with your 9-5 stint so that you can collect your payslip and pay your bills. You will work overtime for extra pay but you want the right to choose whether you will work overtime for any specific occasion. And if you enjoy the work, that’s the icing on the cake. If you don’t enjoy the work, you can live with it. Your self respect comes from the fact that you are working, not from the kind of work you do. You derive your satisfaction elsewhere. Your goal is to do what you have to do on the job and have the job interfere only minimally with the outside activities that really matter to you…”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Your life is dull, boring, uninteresting and lacklustre only when you don’t get your satisfaction outside the workplace or when the job takes over your life. Think of your life as a Pie, cut into several pieces – one for each area of your life. There are slices for Family, Work & Friends .And then you find that there are still several pieces left over. What are they? What do these empty, unnamed pieces signify? Find out – you might be surprised.

Outside of my workplace, I used to write, volunteer and conducted training programmes. I was constantly on the lookout for avenues to enrich my life, to fill in gaps for joy and happiness that my well paying job may not have be able to fill.

It’s not difficult. All you need is a terrific and passionate desire to get more out of your life. After all, Life is more than just 9-5. Make up your mind, take a risk today and find out.


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