Urban Longings in our Times

I have been enjoying the ‘Urban Longings’ series that has been appearing in the TOI lately. UL (supported by Lavasa) aims to present the views and thinkers and opinion makers on why India needs new cities.

Here are the links to the articles. TOI epaper is online for only a week after publication, so I’m not sure whether these links will still be valid. I’ll update/delete the links in a few days.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: ‘A Carbon Neutral City is my Dream’

MJ Akbar: Create Habitation in Concentric Circles

Suhel Seth – Let’s re-learn the art of living (3 Oct)

Geeta Doctor – From Three World to Our World (4 Oct)

Gautam Bhatia – The Californian Clones of Indian Urbania (5 Oct)

Rahul Bose – Open your arms, your hearts, your minds (6 Oct)

Brinda Somaya – Our next train stop! (7 Oct)

Santosh Desai – Cities, like people, can’t be born fully grown (8 Oct)

Tasneem Zakaria Mehta: What the future city needs, wants – and desires. (9 Oct)


2 comments on “Urban Longings in our Times

  1. I wish to publish extracts from the article ” Cities like men are not
    born ” by Santosh Desai in our jouranl GISIndia.

    I am unable to open the article from the internet websites.
    Can you plese send me soft copy of the above article?

    GS Kumar

  2. The archives are available on the Lavasa Future Cities website; you may want to contact the authors directly for permission to re-use their work. Good luck!

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