Lunch @ Fidalgo

Public holidays mean a chance to pack up the house and try a meal outside. There are lots of eating places in Panjim, and we’ve been to many. Today, after a toss-up between Goenchin and Fidalgo, we settled on Fidalgo for a bout of Chinese.

The experience was what we expected. The service is courteous, the food is very good but the music at Chilli and Spice is always JUST TOO LOUD. We have brought this to their attention before and this is one reason why we hesitate to go back again.

When we arrived, we were only the second table to be occupied. Still, the TV was on full blast (cricket) and then, the music was switched on. We made three requests to turn the volume down (not to put it off) before a change in decibel levels was noticed.

What is it about public places in India that encourages loud, unbearable sound levels? Even indoors, an otherwise soothing ambience is shattered with loud music that makes conversation impossible.Do restaurants think customers are having fun when they are shouting across the table?

We enjoyed our meal – the cooking is excellent. Full marks to the chef for the delicious Pot Rice, the diced veggies with cashews, the HongKong Chicken, the Wanton Soup…M loved it all as well. It was a ‘dry-day’ today, so the Litchi and Pineapple Mocktails were a welcome change to the usual Bacardi’s. We ended with kulfis, mango ice-cream and ‘Death by chocolate’ (a brownie on a sizzler plate, topped with vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce) for the MIL.

We left while the Filipina girl-band was singing their own version of popular songs. That could have been toned down a tad as well; you want to get customers humming as they leave the restaurant, not asking for a Crocin.

We made our comments about the sound levels on the suggestion card. We’ve done it before so I’m not hopeful of a change. The young man – Mayur – who was asking for feedback said they’d make a note of it. I do hope they do – because we’d love to go back.

Food : Excellent (although the rice portion could have been a little more generous)

Service: Attentive. A high chair for M was available (important to know, especially if you have a toddler keen on exploring).

Ambience & Decor : Quiet, tasteful, comfortable, except for the noise levels.


2 comments on “Lunch @ Fidalgo

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