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Broadway Book Sale: now closed

The ‘Any book for Rs.50’ sale organised by Broadway Book Centre finally got over today. Over the three week period of the sale at Central Library, we made about 6+ trips. Every time we dropped into the electricity department to argue about an inflated bill, we stopped by the sale to spend the money we recovered. Every time we passed by to buy groceries, we popped in to see if new stock had arrived. So much so that M, on our last visit, saw the yellow building of the Library and as we entered, pointed and exclaimed “Boo, Boo"! (He meant “Book”, of course).

We bought more books in these six trips than we did the whole of last year. Flipkart wish list be damned.

That’s the beauty of bargain books. You do find some good bargains – hardbacks at Rs.50? Ridiculously irresistible. You also stumble upon obscure titles that you wouldn’t have come across in Broadway’s labyrinth otherwise. Between Mr. R and I, we bought some 18-20 books. Yes, we’ve been reckless.

There wasn’t much for M; he got a couple of sparkly board books that he seems to like at the moment.

Looking forward to the next sale (possibly December). Hopefully, new remaindered stock will be available then. A suggestion: keep the ‘free’ books/magazines and the donated copies separately so buyers don’t think they have to pay Rs.50/- for a copy of Findall Goa or an old issue of a magazine.

In the meantime, I do hope Broadway re-organises its store space so that people can actually find books without having to ask staff constantly.

Here’s to books! Now to find the space to keep the teetering pile…


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