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Put on your thinking cap…

… and help me come up with a fun name for a charity book drive that I’m working on.

Here’s the background:

I’m involved with a local charity that looks after children from underprivileged homes during non-school hours. The kids get a meal before/after school, have their lessons taken and are helped with their studies. They are taught the importance of cleanliness,education and hard-work.

This charity has a major impact on the lives of these children. They are kept off the streets, sent to school and every effort is made to see that education gets a priority in their lives.

To these kids, I want to gift a passion for reading. It seems like an uphill task at the moment because they have absolutely no access to books other than school books. Can you imagine that? No school library and certainly no books in the home.

I’m going to try and change that.

There are 80 kids in the care of this charity currently. This Diwali, I want every child to have one book to take home. 80 kids, 80 books. How hard can that be to arrange?

The kids range from about 6-16 years, but reading ability is below average. The charity seems to think that we should have regular reading classes, but giving them books to take home might mean that some books get torn or “spoilt”.

I believe that having ownership of a book may mean that better care is taken of it. Books get damaged, even by the most careful reader. And unless these kids have the luxury of having their own books to cherish, read and re-read, their reading ability will remain pretty poor (my theory).

Here’s how it will work:

  • I’m asking friends, relatives and strangers to donate only ONE new or almost-new book. Just one per person. If you can afford more, that’s great, but one will be very welcome. 
  • If you are in Goa, the books can be dropped off at certain points (info coming soon). If you are elsewhere in India, do consider couriering it to us.
  • Instead of posting a book yourself, perhaps you could order it online through one of the stores/publishers I’m contacting (info coming soon!). That’ll save you postage costs and hopefully, you’ll get a discount as well. This’ll work well for international and Indian donors. Remember, this isn’t an expensive gift. A simple book will probably be just $2-3 dollars.
  • I’m inviting donations of all kinds of books. Those that are suitable will be given to the children. The rest will be put on a jumble sale, proceeds of which will go towards helping these kids some more.

80 books for 80 kids

What do you think? Do-able?

Please contact me if you have organised something like this before or if you wish to make a donation. Ideas most welcome. (And tell me if this won’t work.)


One comment on “Put on your thinking cap…

  1. That is a wonderful idea! Really impressive… I would love to be a part of it, logisitcs permitting… will try and find a way to beat any logistic challenges

    A lurker (hope you don’t mind me visiting… I chanced upon this blog through blog hopping)

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