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If you could do anything…

Alexis Grant is  one of my new favourite reads (thanks to the recently developed obsession with Reader). In one of her latest posts, she talks about how, right now, she doesn’t know what she wants. Even with writing a book and starting a new business, she’s still searching.

This hasn’t happened to me lately, but there are certainly some mornings when I ask myself the same question she did:

If I could do anything I wanted at this very moment, what would it be?

My first thought: open a bookshop.

Then, I’d jump head-first into the decor business. Source and sell elegant, unusual and beautiful things for your home. Yes, I’d really like that.

I’d continue writing as well. If I had time on my hands, I’d focus on a subject that’s been keeping me awake – bringing books to kids who have none. I’d write about it, pester schools to have libraries or fill up their existing ones and ensure that a child is never deprived of the access to books (whether they choose to use the access is really secondary at the moment).

So, what’s stopping me?

I don’t have the money or the space for a bookshop (yet). I daydream about interiors a lot and need a kick to get started. You don’t need much money to sell stuff on Etsy or advertise on your blog. And very little baby-free time prevents me from trudging to local municipal schools and charities to get them to provide books to their kids. I’m working on a book drive, though. At least, that’s a start. Maybe getting a nanny of sorts would help free up some time as well…

Like Alexis, I thank my stars that I have these choices and the freedom to toss them about. I’m so grateful that (right now) I don’t have to worry about 9-5 or about a steady pay check. I might have to change that some day, but that day isn’t on our doorstep yet.

Unlike Alexis, though, I don’t mind not knowing. Today, this freedom from over a decade of bottom-numbing, paper-pushing, pretending-to-be-less-than-smart-while-sitting-behind-a-desk is exhilarating.  I write for TIME magazine now, for God’s sake, and to the Indian PSU system which promotes only seniority and not merit, I say <rude things here>.

I don’t want to ever go back to that desk job. I’d rather take a risk with my remaining cash and open the most successful bookshop in Goa ever.

You wait and see, it’ll happen (soon).

One comment on “If you could do anything…

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! And even more importantly, thanks for talking us through your own choices. I almost feel like we just went out for coffee and chatted! I LOVE your answer to the “what would you do” question. And that you’ve identified WHY you’re not doing those things, so you can either make them happen or find something else that makes you happy.

    I’m a huge Google Reader fan too — And I’m about to add your blog to mine!

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