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Who’s on your Spam List?

Recently, my friend M’s status update on FB read “M…wishes there was a way to mark certain people as spam.”

As I said to her, I think this is such a great idea. At this point in my life, my list for these often toxic people would be somewhat long. It would include ex-colleagues who make requests to be my friends on social networking sites even if they weren’t so nice to me when I actually worked with them. They never bothered to reply to emails sent to them over the years since I’ve left their august company either.

Then, there are the ex-neighbours and the random strangers who I’ve ‘met’ in the course of my online existence and the random strangers I’ve met offline who think they would benefit from adding me to their 1245 friends on Twitter or FB. Sorry, not interested. Spam. Poof, you’re gone.

A personal Spam List makes a lot of sense. It reminds you who the important people in your life are, and who can be put safely into the ‘Do not disturb me’ pile. I know folks who agree to every friend request on FB simply because they don’t want to ‘hurt anybody’s feelings’. Hey, what about taking care of your own interests and protecting your online information from people you don’t care about at all? Huh?

As it is, we barely get a few minutes of baby-free quiet time to catch up with work, news and the friends who we need for our sanity’s sake. Who has time for people who add absolutely no value to your life? Weed ‘em out!

Having said all this, I’m sure I’m high up on many people’s list as well – those ex-colleagues will sure agree.

So, who’s on your list?


One comment on “Who’s on your Spam List?

  1. Folks who were mean to me in B school when I was frizzy haired skinny:-)

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